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More About Us…

UApply.co.za is a convenient and fun place to easily apply for multiple types of insurance and cover. From Household insurance to Funeral cover we have it all in one place. UApply forwards your details leading accredited partners and FSB registered lenders – with your approval of course! Our partners and lenders will then review your application and will contact you within a few short days with leading insurance, legal and lending packages in South Africa. Our chosen partners will call you back to give you an obligation free quote and take your application further if you so chose.

In this day and age, time is of the essence. Don’t waste time approaching companies for insurance quotes. At UApply.co.za we believe in making this chore and easy as possible for our customers. We will save you time and the hassle of shopping around to get quotes! We will do all the hard work for you by forwarding your details on to our tried and trusted partners, as chosen by you the customer. And to top it all, our service is completely FREE to you! No monthly payment. No contracts. No obligations to accept any services once quoted.

Fill in the appropriate form and we will do the rest.


The information on uapply.co.za does not constitute financial advice as contemplated in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act. Although all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the information on the website is accurate, we do not accept any responsibility for any claim, damages, loss or expense, however it arises, out of or in connection with the information on the website. By completing any of the forms on the site you give permission for us to contact you and we charge no fees for this service.