We will get you into a Private Hospital after a car accident. GUARANTEED!

accidentANGELS™ is not a medical aid.
accidentANGELS™ is a registered credit provider.


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If you don’t have a medical aid and you travel on our roads, you can’t afford to be without an ANGEL.

accidentANGELS™ is a service that ensures that each of our members that are involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident are Guaranteed to receive treatment in a private medical facility. If you are a medical aid member who tries not to exhaust your medical savings but would like the comfort of knowing that you will be fine should there be a shortfall, accidentANGELS™ can take care of this.

Get accidentANGELS from only R149p/m per main member and R99p/m per dependant


Access to the best private medical care

ER24 emergency medical transportation to a private hospital

Up to R10 000 paid into your accidentANGELS™ MasterCard® for out-patient treatment

Up to R1 million benefit for in-patient treatment

A child minder benefit, which ensures your children are looked after following an accident

Assistance with Road Accident Fund claims on your behalf


Cash in your hand – backed by MasterCard®

accidentANGELS™ MasterCard® gives you cash in your hand before you enter hospital – a promise backed by accidentANGELS™ MasterCard®.

The accidentANGELS™ MasterCard® enables instant payment for all emergency treatment after a motor vehicle accident. Within moments of receiving notice of your accident, we’ll release your funds – ready to use at any casualty unit.


At a motor accident scene, Life Support Paramedics stabiles each patient. accidentANGELS™ members are identified by either an accidentANGELSMasterCard® , vehicle sticker or license disc holder and accidentANGELS™ member is also on a national data base at ER24.

ER24, the country’s largest Emergency Medical Response Company, identifies our members and arranges transport to the closest private medical facility to ensure that the treatment they receive is World Class.

On notification of a car accident up to R10 000 is loaded onto the member’s accidentANGELSMasterCard® . At the private hospital, most cases are handled within the trauma/casualty unit. Each member uses their accidentANGELSMasterCard® to make payment.

In the event that the accidentANGELS™ member requires further medical treatment for their injuries, a R200 000 guarantee is placed at the private medical facility for such treatment.
Our panel of in house attorneys then process each RAF claim to ensure that the maximum amount recoverable from the RAF is refunded to the member at no additional cost.

No waiting period, immediate benefit


Musa Modise

I wish to thank Accident Angels for rescuing me from an unexpected accident that happened in a minute at the Premises. What they did for me was unbelievable.

Donovan Franker‎

The most AMAZING product on the market. One call and they have taken care of everything from the Ambulance to Admission at a private healthcare facility.

Mishelle Visser‎

I would recommend accidentANGELS to everybody that is on the road daily. Thank you for all your support and helping me the way you did.

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