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Mamela consulting

Mamela Consulting is a Financial Solutions Company focused on assisting individuals to resolve their debt problems. We are a Debt Management Company that operates Nationwide with our head offices based in Durban.

Importantly, we have a solution to help ALL consumers irrespective of their circumstance and our number one goal is to help you solve your debt problems. Mamela Consulting can help stop the downward spiral of debt and offer real affordable solutions to your problems. Experience has shown that we can restructure your debt, putting you back in control of your life.

Our staff are highly qualified debt counselors and are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Contact us today for debt advice that considers all debt solutions based on your specific circumstance. Our trained, professional and friendly staff are waiting to take your call.

About Debt Counselling

The Consumer’s debt is assessed by a Debt Counsellor based on the information given by the consumer.

The process starts with a signed application by the consumer, giving consent to a Debt Counsellor, to act on their behalf and successfully reach an acceptable agreement between the credit providers..

On receipt of a signed application, the Debt Counsellor informs all creditors and credit bureaus of the consumer’s application.

The Credit Providers send out a COB (Certificate of balance) in order to start negotiations.

A proposal is then drawn up by the Debt Counsellor and sent to all creditors providers.

After the proposal is accepted by the creditor providers, the file is then prepared for court.

A court date/order must be obtained before the 60 business days has lapsed.